Free On-Demand Masterclass:

How To Create The Fulfilled Life

You Were Always Destined To Live!

(without letting others' opinions and expectations hold you back)

This training is for awakening women seeking transformation and renewal. It's for the empowered women who is ready to DEFY societies "shoulds" and WELCOME a life that aligns with their true passions, values and purpose.

Here's What You Will Learn

Discover the three veils that obscure the path to fulfillment and joy, and learn how to lift them to reveal your true potential!

Learn to identify and release the energy drains that tether your spirit, freeing you to soar towards your highest life!

How to harness the power of three universal energies that can elevate your life and the lives of others!

Be initiated into the ‘Alchemy of Fulfillment’ method, a sacred practice that aligns you with the law of attraction to manifest the life of your dreams!

Crystal Trevors: Your Guide to Spiritual Awakening and Joyful Living

Hello, I am Crystal Trevors, a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Akashic Guide. I am also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Transformational Life Coach. Inspired by my own spiritual awakening, I have dedicated myself to guiding women on their journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.

At Live Joy Coaching, my mission is to serve as a beacon for women navigating the waters of spiritual awakening. Through compassionate guidance and energy mastery, I support your transformative journey towards a fearless existence, enabling you to leave an indelible mark of love and light on the world.

My “Live Joy” programs are crafted to support the spiritually curious and guide them through the spiritual awakening and ascension process. These programs are a harmonious fusion of science and spirituality, designed to teach women how to attune to their body, mind, and spirit, shift their worldview, and step forward into their most fulfilled lives.

I invite all clients and students to approach these programs with an open heart and mind, embracing curiosity and a willingness to explore new perspectives. Together, let's embark on a sacred journey towards joy, fulfillment, and spiritual enlightenment.

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