This training is for purpose-driven woman leaders who want to connect with their intuition and energy to enhance their wellbeing, performance and impact!

Here's What You Will Learn

The three myths that are keeping you and the people you lead from achieving leadership success and happiness (and how to overcome them)!

How to free yourself and the people you lead from the energy drains that are holding you back from growing your business and living your best life!

How to harness the power of three universal energies that can empower you (and others) to reach your full potential!

How to apply the Live Joy Coaching

'Alchemy of Fulfillment' method to balance your personal and professional life and enjoy both to the fullest!

Meet Your Host

Entrepreneur, Mentor & Accredited Business Coach

Crystal Trevors is a successful female tech founder, entrepreneur, mentor, and ICF certified life and business coach. She is also an Energy Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. In addtion to founding Live Joy Coaching, she is also the founder and CEO of Stepscan Technologies Inc., a medical technology company that supports senior wellness with innovative gait and balance solutions and she has won several awards and recognition for her innovation and leadership excellence. She knows very well the challenges that women leaders and female founders face and has been mentoring and coaching purpose-driven leaders for over 10 years, helping them break through the barriers that are keeping them from achieving their goals and dreams. Inspired by her own spiritual awakening, Crystal has built a series of focused coaching programs designed to teach women how to listen to themselves (body, mind, and spirit), shift their perspective about the world and their potential in it and move forward towards living their most fulfilled lives.

With a beautiful blend of science and spirituality, Crystal encourages all her clients and students to enter her programs with curiosity, open-mindedness and a willingness to look at things from a different perspective.

Having trained and worked as a scientific researcher in the fields of immunology and molecular biology she believes the world is shifting to an integrated approach to medicine and that it is the principles of energy medicine that will eventually connect the two hemispheres of thought (Eastern vs Western) into one complete holistic healing paradigm.

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